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Modul 1

Introduction to data culture and its importance

Objectives: Understand what a data culture is and why it is essential for modern organizations.


  • Definition of data culture and its impact on decision making and process efficiency.
  • Case studies of successful organizations that have built a strong data culture.
  • Interactive discussion on the challenges of building a data culture in different types of organizations.

Modul 2

Basics of the 5S Kaizen method

Objectives: To teach the 5S principles as a core element of the Kaizen philosophy for continuous improvement.


  • Detailed introduction to the 5S methodology: sorting, systematizing, cleaning, standardizing and self-discipline.
  • Practical group exercises to apply the 5S methodology in simulated work environments.
  • Discussion on the transfer of 5S principles to data management and quality.

Modul 3

Digital minimalism for organizations

Objectives: Increasing productivity and well-being through digital optimization and efficient time management.


  • Optimization of the digital infrastructure to improve productivity, creativity and the well-being of your employees
  • Insights into the negative effects of excessive digital distraction in the workplace
  • Strategies to reduce digital overload
  • Introduction to theoretical concepts such as the Pareto principle, the 80/20 rule and time management techniques

Modul 4

Practical steps for new digital habits

Objectives: Mastering digital chaos through structured folders, efficient meetings, and improved email management.


  • Analysis of the digital chaos
  • Digital folder structures and access: The 10-step roadmap
  • Organizing digital meetings efficiently
  • Email management finally under control – how to have the confidence to delete data


Anja Blieske

Anja Blieske is an experienced digital marketing expert with a special focus on sustainable living and digital cleanup. She combines her passion for sustainable living with her expertise in online marketing to develop innovative strategies that promote awareness of environmental issues while optimizing digital environments. With her holistic approach, she helps companies and individuals to organize and efficiently design their digital presence while contributing to the protection of our environment. Anja is known for her creative approach and her ability to develop customized solutions that are both environmentally and digitally sustainable.

Dr. Valdrin Dervishaj

Dr. Valdrin Dervishaj, an experienced professional in the fields of EU funding, international relations, policy analysis, project management, public policy and leadership, is committed to promoting sustainability and the concept of data cleanliness. With a doctorate in organizational management, a master's degree in business administration and management and a bachelor's degree in law, his academic prowess is evident. As a lecturer in Berlin, Kosova, Portugal and Bulgaria, Valdrin not only imparts knowledge in management and leadership, human resources, quality management and project management, but also integrates sustainability principles into his teaching. His commitment goes beyond the classroom: he actively leads projects that emphasize environmental responsibility and data cleanliness, fostering a dynamic learning environment geared towards modern challenges. Valdrin's role as advisor to the Minister of State, as a consultant and as a member of the project committee for multi-million EU projects demonstrates his expertise in fundraising from international donors and highlights the importance of sustainable practices and responsible data management in the projects he oversees.

Holger Holland

Holger Holland, equipped with an MBA in Project and Process Management and a lecturer in ICT for over 10 years, has been the driving force behind since 1999 and is a pioneer in sustainable development and technological innovation. His commitment to Digital Cleanup demonstrates the importance of sustainable digital practices. By founding various NGO initiatives and combining environmental protection with technology, Holland is paving the way for a greener future. As EU Climate Pact Ambassador and President of Let's Do It Germany, he motivates digital sustainability and activates society for environmental issues. Holland is committed to the fusion of sustainability and digital innovation, supported by the concept of "Sustainability as a Service" (SaaS) and the KAIZEN philosophy. His work emphasizes the importance of technological progress in harmony with environmental responsibility.