Raise the flag for a clean and healthy world.

Every country or nation has a flag – and so does LDIW. But this flag isn’t just any flag, it’s a global flag, it’s planet earths flag, the flag of our common home, of our beloved global family.

Each year on the 3rd Saturday of September one flag (the initializing ‘Olympic’ flag) will start its journey around the world (like the Olympic flame) initiating the World Cleanup Day for that particular year. The celebration will begin in New Zealand and end in Hawaii. Next to the initializing (Olympic) flag, more flags will be sent on a journey around the world from every participating country.

Even you can get a flag and send it on a journey around the globe.

Before the flag will be sent on a journey a cleanup will take place with the current owner. After the cleanup the flag will be given to the next global family member for the following cleanup.

Since the flags have a microchip attached to them, you can even follow the flags on their journey through the world in the app our partner COVER is providing – by either tagging the microchip with your mobile phone or by visiting your profile in the app – where all the flags you have initiated and forwarded will be saved. You will know every little detail about its adventures and can even see what impact your movement had on our planet.

How it works


Get a Flag (and a Cleanup kit)

You can either receive a flag from someone who did a cleanup before you or get one on our website.


Check the flag in

Tab the tag on the Flag with your mobile phone and follow the instructions for check-in. If you haven’t downloaded the COVER App or aren’t signed in, you will get the chance to do so just by tabbing the tag with your mobile phone.

In case you can’t use NFC technology with your mobile phone visit the App Store, download the app and sign-up. Click on the NFC icon on the bottom and type in the product ID as well as your 4-digit check-in-code. This check-in-code will be given to you when you’re ordering a flag or after the previous owner has checked the flag out and assigned it to you.


Fly the flag

Get your crew together and take a group picture with the flag while using it as a flag, banner, poster or cape. If you like you can post the image of your cleanup crew with the hashtag #worldcleanupday and #letsdoitworld. You can also use the flag as a carrying bag for your cleanup utensils or as trash bag for the cleanup. If used for the latter please make sure that it’s clean before sending it forward.


Send it on its journey around the world

Before giving the flag away tab the tag on the flag with your mobile phone again (or visit the app directly and click on the NFC icon on the bottom and follow the check-out instructions), then select the person who should follow your lead. Your successor will receive a 4-digit-code to check-in the flag. By tabbing the tag or by visiting the app directly the check-in process can be followed and the next cleanup can start. This way the movement can be shown on a map.


Follow the flag on its journey

In your profile in the app you can see how many flags you have initiated or forwarded. You can also follow each of these flags on their journey through the world on a map and see how many cleanups have taking place with them and where in the world.