The WCD Cleanup Workbook

Our modular Cleanup Workbook is not just a guide to show students how to organize a cleanup on their own. Through the various characters in the workbook, children are encouraged to take on different roles, each tailored to the individual strengths and interests of every child. Moreover, “The Cleanup Workbook” places great emphasis on promoting self-efficacy and awareness of environmental issues. It assists students in gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. Simultaneously, the tasks and activities in the workbook nurture essential soft skills, such as teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. Hence, “Cleanup Workbook” serves not only environmental protection but also the personal and social development of every student.

“World Cleanup Goes to School” is an educational project of the non-profit organization Let’s Do It , which refers to the annual global action day, World Cleanup Day (WCD). It is part of the global “Let’s Do It” movement. World Cleanup Day is a day when every year millions of volunteer helpers from over 190 countries come together to free the environment from trash and waste. It represents the largest civil society movement to combat global waste issues.

“World Cleanup Goes to School” focuses on developing environmentally-oriented school education projects and campaigns with educators and environmental experts, as well as continuously evaluating them. Projects like the Cleanup Workbook are conveyed interactively and practically in schools and educational institutions through workshops and tools for lesson design, with the aim of informing students about environmental topics and actively involving them in solving environmental problems. The goal is to promote awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development by encouraging young people to actively participate in combating environmental pollution and developing a better understanding of the importance of a clean environment. In a playful and child-friendly manner, an environmentally friendly lifestyle is conveyed and mindfulness is fostered.