Week 1 – Introduction to World Cleanup Day and Planet & Pixels

  1. Welcome and Introduction (2 minutes) video -Fujitsu representative
    • Welcome participants to the session on the LMS platform.
    • Provide a brief overview of the agenda and the importance of the topic.
  2. Importance of World Cleanup Day (4 minutes) video – Holger Holland
  1. Discussion about the significance of World Cleanup Day in environmental activism.
  2. Ask question-Highlighting the impact of community-driven clean-up efforts. Participants are encouraged to respond in the comment.
  3. Reading: Overview of World Cleanup Day and Planet & Pixels (2 minutes)
  1. A short summary and the link to reading materials about World Cleanup Day and Planet & Pixels.
  2. Participants are encouraged to read the material quickly and engage in the following discussion.
  3. Comment Discussion (3 minutes)
  4. A brief discussion in comment based on the reading material.
  5. Wrap-up and Next Steps (1 minutes)
  1. Summarize of key points discussed during the session.
  2. Participants are encouraged to continue the conversation in the LMS forum or through related activities.
  3. Closing Remarks (1 minutes) video
  1. Thank participants for their active participation and contributions. 
  2. Remind participants of upcoming sessions on the LMS platform.