4. 04. Game: Data Organization Challenge – Sorting and organizing data effectively

In this game, we will be exploring the importance of effective data organization and management through a decision-making activity involving data categorization and prioritization. Our goal is to understand how to strategically select and prioritize data based on its relevance and importance to organizational goals.


Team Formation

 3-5 members each from your unit.

Below in the text there is a set of data cards representing different types of data, such as customer information, sales data, marketing analytics, product inventory.

Your task is to prioritize the data cards based on their perceived importance to organizational goals and decision-making processes.

As you prioritize the data cards, be prepared to rank your selected cards from most to least important and provide a brief justification for each card in discussion section below.

Data cards representing various types of data:

Data cards ranked based on their perceived importance to organizational goals should be published in the section of discussion below.

  • Set of data cards (see below)
  • Paper and pens
  • Timer