Edit mobile header

Guide for editing mobile navigation

1: Click Bricks > Templates


2: Click header “Mit Bricks bearbeiten”


3: Open structure panel


4: Open the list


5: Click on an existing menue item


6: right click, duplicate


7: Change the name by double click


8: Select the the button containing div


9: Go to Style > Attribute


10: Type into the “Wert” an unique id

slide xxx for example


11: Go to a slide panel and duplicate it


12: Go to the new slide panel and rename it


13: Go to attributes


14: Set the same attribute as in the home panel before


15: Open the panel structure


16: Click on the wrapping div of your new link


17: Go to content


18: Set the target link


19: If possible choose an existing sub page


20: Open the wrapping div which contains the link


21: Click on the textfield to change the text


22: Change the link text


23: Click save